This page will now contain all JS and its frameworks including JQUERY, ANGULAR, REACT and others.

Angular Remaining Demos :

Html-JS, Html-JQUERY & Html Angular Demo Code : Code

Look for More information to be updated Here

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Hi all once again – started a new page for AJAX/Silverlight. Very Soon my slides/demos would be up. – Keep watching ………Download them from below links.

ajaxatlas v4 day2

ASP.NET AJAX Important Basics

ASP.NET AJAX Schedule [Revised V2]

New Slides in PDF Format Dec 2k7
Ajax Day 1
Ajax Day 6
AJAX Debugging Session

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  1. what is main advanyage of Hosting application in IIS


    1. Nagaraju says:

      It is must to deploy every web app in web server and IIS is one of the featured web server


  2. Siddalingesha Patil says:

    I have simple web application i need to host in such that it can be access from anyhwere and everyonre….plz give hint sir


    1. Nagaraju says:

      1. Buy Domain 2. Buy space 3. from visual studio right click on project–>publish–>provide details.


  3. hello sir i’m evng batch angularjs student i have filing some problem of api hou to work angular page.


  4. vasantha raju says:

    Hi guys,
    my name is vasantha raju………

    These are the “MVC” frequently Common Questions in all companies
    1)What is difference between mvc3, mvc4 and mvc5?
    2*******)Difference between View Bag ,View Data and Temp Data ?
    3)which IDE is used for your project and what is the difference between 2010 ,2012,2013 and 2015?
    4)********What is Routing?
    5)what is attribute routing?
    6)*******what are the filters in mvc?
    7)How to register filters in mvc?
    8)what is code First Approach?
    9)why should we give dbcontextname and connection string name same in code first approach?
    10)Difference Between code first and database first approach ?
    11)what is entity frame work and what are the types?
    12)which version you use entityframe work in your project?
    13)what is bundling?
    14)what are the Action filter types?
    15)what is Linq and write a Query to linq with where condition as well as in and not in conditions?
    16)what is repository?
    17)if you have 1000 of records how to update those records in mvc?
    18)what is peek and seek methods in temp-data?
    19)How to send a data from controller view?
    20)how to send a data view to controller?
    21)how to maintain session in mvc?
    22)what is webapi?
    23)what are the resources in webapi?
    24)how to call webapi to ui?
    25)******what is authentication and authorization in mvc?
    26) what is the difference between soap and rest?
    27)acid properties?
    28)***************what is mvc flow?

    c#interview Questions

    1)what is the difference between interface and abstract class?
    2)what is the default access specifier in interface?
    3)what is explicit interface?
    4)what is late bind and early binding?
    5)what is garbage collector?
    6)what is finalize and dispose ()?
    7)what is assembly?
    8)difference between string and string builder?
    9)difference between array and array list?
    10)what is singleton?
    11)what is partial class?
    13)what is anonymous type?
    14)what is virtual method ?
    15)what is constructor and types?
    project related
    1) what is your current project and can you explain project architecture?
    2)how many modules are in your project?
    3)how many screens ?
    4)which version you used in u r project?

    must and should prepare SQL all queries
    should prepare date functions and joins and stored procedure and group by ,having clause queryes and diferrence between cluster index and non-cluster index and find out 2nd highest Sal
    should prepare all queryes

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  5. Naga Shekar says:

    Can you please upload current MVC class PPT’s please.


    1. Nagaraju says:

      shown to you – use search and get


  6. balu says:

    these are the interview questions i am faced recently on AngularJs

    1) What is service & provider?

    2) What is the difference between ng-route & UI-route?

    3) What is the difference between route scope & scope & $scope?

    4) What is decoretor ?

    5) What is interceptor in angularjs

    6) What is $watch lifecycle?

    7) What is promise?

    8) What is call() and bind() in javascript?

    9) What is $scope object? Who injects it?

    10) What is $scope.$apply and $scope.$digest method?

    11) What makes AngularJS better ?

    12) what is linking function?

    13) what is factory method in AngularJS?

    14) What is the use of $location?

    15) What does the ngAria?

    16) What is the use of I18n?

    17) What are the Directive types?

    18) What is difference between config() and run() method in AngularJS?

    19) What is the role of ng-app, ng-init and ng-model directives?

    20) What is the difference between $watch, $digest and $apply?

    21) What directives support animations?

    22) What is value & constant

    –Balakrishna Vasa

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  7. Daya Chippala says:

    Here are the questions asked in Interview:
    1. How to create custom directives in AngularJS? This question was asked in all interviews.
    2. What are the methods you follow to test the Angular Applications? And Are you using any tools for testing?
    3. What are the techniques for authentication in AngularJS applications? This question was asked in all interviews.
    4. How AngularJS handle the security? This question was asked in all interviews.
    5. How AngularJS is compiled?
    6. How are you managing cookie in AngularJS?
    7. How Angular modules load the dependencies?
    8. What is auto bootstrap process in AngularJS? And Manual bootstrap process?
    9. How do you avoid content flash? ng-cloak
    10. What is the difference between $http and $resource?
    11. What is the difference between $watch, $digest and $apply?
    12. What is dependency Injection in AngularJS?

    Following questions come across during interview preparation. Please cover these questions as well
    13. What is the different between Config() and run() method in AngularJS?
    14. How Directives are compiled?
    15. What are compile, Pre, and Post Linking in AngularJS?
    16. What are Templates in AngularJS? And What are the template can be defined within Angular Templates?
    17. AngularJS scope life cycle and digest life-cycle?
    18. What is the difference between $parse and $eval?
    19. What is $q service and when to use it?
    20. What is $injector and $inject?
    21. what is difference between $cookies and $cookieStore service?
    22. What is $emit, $broadcast and $on in AngularJS?

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    1. Nagaraju says:

      Good work but edit and delete code could have been more better that what you wrote


      1. Arun Kumar says:

        Thank you sir.I will change that code.


  8. Arun Kumar says:


    This is my github url : .A small demos on angular by using two way binding, directives . What ever the examples sir said like loan calculator and old mobile phones message keypads examples.


    1. Nagaraju says:

      Nice Work Arun


  9. Nagaraju says:

    Interview FAQs
    What is AngularJS ?

    – How AngularJS is different than other JS libraries/frameworks ?
    Why AngularJS ?

    – What are the advantages of AngularJS ?

    – What is binding in AngularJS ?

    – How AngularJS is processed in client/side or what is the architecture of AngJS in client side execution ?

    – What is a Directive in Angular and mention some of the
    directives along with its uses ? What is a core directive?

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  10. Ranjan Kund says:

    hello sir,
    i am very much please by your teaching style(recent morning batch)


    1. Nagaraju says:

      Thank you


  11. good evening sir,
    I m facing problem with silverlight i want to execute python script file in silverlight can you tell me How to ececute python script file into silverlight please …


  12. sarath chandranath says:

    Hi sir,
    This is sarath chandranath from Hyd, May i know when will u start new SILVERLIGHT batch.


  13. vaibhav mane says:

    Hi Sir
    i am vaibhav mane from pune. i have completed .net class in naresh technology and your are very great in but i am not learn silverlight. i can learn silverlight self plz help me and give one example explain step by step plz sir. then i am develop other examples reference with ur example plese sir help me


  14. Akheel says:

    Sir ,
    When will new batch starts


  15. T.RAJASEKHAR says:

    sir ajax classes epudu start autai sir plz tell meeeeeeeeeeee


    1. Nagaraju says:

      plz ask in office


  16. ch.supraja says:

    hi sir this is supraja.sir your way of teaching is impressive.plz sir give me some info regarding .net requirments because of i am fresher like me can gain some info.


    1. Nagaraju says:



  17. dileep says:

    i m 2009 batch student of but unfartunatly now i m working in php platform i m also learn php in naresh institues so now i need ajax to learn so can you give me material for learn ajax now i m in delhi so can you help me sir,


  18. somasekhar says:

    hello sir,

    i am very impressed with your recent wcf class(weekend batch 18-02-2012)..
    But the materials and examples provided in this is blog is not well organized(not user friendly).
    so can you please take care of this.


  19. ravinder says:

    hi sir
    Facebook other tool is there. the tool name what?


  20. nagaraju says:


    This is Nagaraju your old student, I want do .net framework certification.
    how i can do and prepare?
    please tell me..


  21. pravin says:

    Hi sir,

    I was your student of evening batch 2009.

    I want to purchase domain name and web space.

    Could you please suggest me website name.

    Thanks a lot for your reply.


  22. sravankumar says:

    Hi sir,This is sravankumar attending ur wcf batch now…I have a doubt on dropdownlist control…how to extend dropdownlist control width in runtime according to data binded?


  23. mahendra mali says:

    good evening sir,,,,,,,i am ur student from evening batch ,,,,now i am in final year(B.E) from N.U.M university,,,,,,so give me any suggession for final year project,,,,,,I want ppt windows azure(cloud),,,,,bcoz this is my seminar topic,,,,,


  24. mythili says:

    Hi sir,
    i am using silverlight apllication,with WCF and Ado.Net Entity Data Model.but the proble is while updating datagrid Row,it raise an exception”An error occurred while updating the entries. See the inner exception for details.”,how to rectify it.


  25. vasu murthy says:

    hello sir i am great fan yours yours i like very much the way u teach
    Thanking you


  26. Biswa says:

    Respected Sir,

    I was a student of AJAX class. I want join WCF, when u will start WCF sir put in this blog.


  27. AK JEELANI says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am your student in AJAX class in maring batch sir i will be veery thankful if you provide us with the programms thatr you are doing the calss.



  28. raj says:

    hi sir can plz post the clssroom examples in u r blog those r very helpfull to us


  29. Ranjan says:

    Respected Sir,

    In update progress control there is a problem
    when I am clicking cancel button First time working.For 2nd request cancel is not working.

    Why it is happening.
    When user waiting for response for long time he is clicking on cancel then the page is cancel,again he is trying to load and waiting for response for long time again he is clicking cancel button then onclientclick is not working.

    Thank You
    with regards,


  30. Savita Shinde says:

    u r the no 1 teacher I ever seen I don’t have word to express it. One of the best thing of ur is always wel-come to query & this make u us very much familiar with u & u never show any time that ur trobled from our questions I feel so lucky that I got teacher like u I utilise my knowledge which is given by u.


  31. Vivek says:

    Good Afternoon Sir….
    I’m a student Of AJAX 7AM Batch.
    Will u please put the all slides regarding to AJAX.


  32. Biswa says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am a student of Ajax morning batch, i am using VS2005 i did a programme using scriptmanager and updatepanel its working like a classic programme.I am not getting where i did mistake.


  33. trinadh says:

    sir, can we use silvelight for desktop applications?


    1. Nagaraju says:

      No instead we can use WPF


    2. arjunprasad says:

      respected sir, i am arjunprasad, what is the basic difference between Wpf and silverlight? plz tell me sir


  34. Hi,Sir i am u r student,and i am got job in software company.
    thanks and regard


  35. aravind says:

    pls put mobile explorer s/w


  36. hello sir,how are you?sir i am getting some problem while building an application in mvc,requirement is like that: i have to give orkut like theming options to the web application,so that end user can personalize according to his/her requirement.


  37. venkat narsimha says:

    i need dotnet faq’s (yours faq book).
    can u pls tel me where i can get that book..
    thanking you…


  38. Ramesh says:

    I am Ramesh.
    I want to join AJAX & SILVER LIGHT classes. So please inform me, when ill the classes started.

    Thanks & Regards,


  39. sadasivarao says:

    hai sir iam u r previous student.i was joined ajax was so good and so helpful for me sir..sir its my request please take up wcf also.its request every think u r the correct sir to teach any technology or language.


  40. Sheela says:

    Hi Sir,
    I Learnt in your insistuite. Now i joined for Ajax also. No Doubt u r lecture is unique . But sir i have a request i dont know how serious u gonna think about my issue.
    I Want to hear WCF,WPF classes from u. I was waiting for u 2 takeup the classe & the management gave me no clear idea of u r takeup of session.Plz sir its a request sir. atleast any either of wcf, wpf classe should be taken up by u sir


  41. swetha says:

    Hi Sir,

    Iam very big fan of you.You are teaching is very good.
    Iam a fresher.Recently i got the job.which is on .net.
    But i dont have good knowledge on .net.So please help me sir.
    What is FarPont?we are using that control in my project.


    1. mohan says:

      good evening sir in the ajax class
      we are using coursetype it is property or table name or any attributes please give me some idea about this


  42. suman says:

    Hello sir gud afternoon
    how r u sir
    i am ur old bath student


  43. venkat reddy says:

    sir when is the next ajax and silverlight classes r going to start.


  44. satyanarayana.g.v.v says:

    this is very useful site for NIT students.And i am thankful to you sir.I am one of the NIT student.thank you sir


  45. Avinash says:

    Can we use silverlight to record audio/video on demand?


  46. Kiran says:

    I am looking candiate urgently.

    If you knows anyone please alert me with mail.

    I need to start my work as soon as possible.

    Thanks & regards,
    Your scicere student


  47. Kiran says:

    HI sir,

    I am Kiran working as a silverlight developer.

    I am working in South Africa.

    I need help from one silver light developer.

    Just i need one good candidate to support weekdays 2to3 concentrated hours.

    For this i am ready to pay.

    Please inform if you knows any good candidate who has good silverlight work experience.

    Send me mail


  48. Prashant Bokade says:

    hello sir,
    Remember me, consignment executive project I developed.
    sir im working in Astragalaxy Software,nagpur.
    working in And C#.
    Thank U sir for providing Good Knowledge.


  49. yashwanth says:

    hi sir

    this is yashwanth

    iwant wcf and ajax faqs
    please send to my emailid

    thanks and regards,



  50. y.s.a.naidu says:

    thank you sir excelent teaching in ajax & silver light


  51. Krishna says:

    I am very satisfies with your teaching style i m studen of your Ajax batch.
    Sir u have any batches for the wesite deployement and hosting also i want to do the project in but i don’t know how to approach with coding standards plzzz help me .


  52. nani says:

    hi sir now i am coming for ur ajax class and its is excellent and i went for peers work shop on ajax i.e 14 and 15 of this month and it is better when compare to u it is very very less in stuff.your providing good knowledge regarding subject.

    thanks a lot sir.


  53. Sri says:

    Hai Sir….ur teaching is excellent
    –> In web apps can we ajaxify whole project/page or
    only some parts of the page will be ajaxified?….
    –> can u give some references for Ajax & Silverlight which can be useful for realtime projects….


  54. rajesh says:

    Hai sir,
    Iam new to silverlight and i want page like registration and login page and pass session to each user login in silverlight .I dont know how to do it sir pls give any solution to this task.


  55. - says:

    Hello Sir,

    Thank you for your excellent AJAX/Silverlight classes. You showed us the right way for improving more upon them.

    Sir, as you said you’d clear our doubts even if we post in your blog -I am sending a few of my questions:

    1.How to pass more than one parameter or even an array to a page web method? Suppose in Flickr slideshow demo, I want to send the keyword and the secret key to the web method taking values from text boxes on the form. Since we are just specifying the web method in SlideShowExtender properties, how to send these values as parameters to it?

    2. In a silverlight app I am currently developing, I want a button to dynamically change its shape at runtime depending on some conditions. I want the changing transitions also to be displayed like, a rectangle gradually changing into a circle. Is it possible to do? If yes, pls let me know how to do it. Just an overview is enough, I’ll try to do it even if it is difficult.

    3. How to deploy a web app hosting a silverlight app in it? Is the procedure same like we do for normal projects or are there any special considerations for that?

    Sir, I want to ask more, but I know you are busy. Right now these are the most needed ones for me. Please provide the solutions to these questions.

    Thank you sir for your guidance and encouragement. You are preparing us to be the best .NET professionals. We can never forget your teaching. You are really a God’s gift to all of us.


  56. - says:


    I am your AJAX student. Sir, your lessons are excellent and I have learnt many new things conceptually.

    Sir, I need your guidance in some programs I’m doing.

    Sir, I have an Accordion control and a button inside an UpdatePanel. When button is clicked it displays the data (from a parent table in db where spId is pkey) in Accordion in the form of panes. In the fetched data there is also an image which I am displaying through an ImageButton in the ContentTemplate of Accordion. I want some data from a child table (where spId is the foreign key) to be displayed when I click this ImageButton. I want to display this data in a second accordion which is inside the first one. But I am not able to understand how to capture the selected item. Also how to display the data inside the second accordion? I tried to use findcontrol also for that purpose, but not able to get it.

    Also sir, i tried to work with slideshowextender with flickr api as you explained in the class. But I am feeling it somewhat difficult – I gave the method correctly but not able to get the images. You said you’ll give a handout with that code. Sir, please do that because it is a very important prog for us as we have never worked on such things. That will be a starting step for us for working with apis of different sites.

    Thank you sir once again for the knowledge you are imparting to us.


  57. venkat says:

    hi sir


  58. krishna.b says:

    sir,i am u r old student.i completed .net and i want to learn ajax.when u r starting the ajax class.


  59. naresh says:

    sir,i am u r old student.i completed .net and i want to learn ajax.when u r starting the ajax class.


  60. ragini says:

    im from evng 6 batch sir..actually u did not tell ajax topic…or when are the classes to be held sir, r those sessions told separately…or again can we attend those classes further..plz do reply sir thanku


  61. ram says:

    sir yourway of teaching is impressive. and you are covered lot of topics we feel very happy to this. and we have 1 or 2 more classes,so please take our request and explain atleast some basics about silverlight & ajax pls sir,

    your student


  62. ASHOK says:

    sir,your teaching is really excellant.the way you teach is really good especially


  63. viswanath says:

    plz giveme suggestions to interact with ur projects too
    thank u very much availability



  64. dharma says:

    hi sir,

    how r u proj,recently wen i was doing my new proj,i got some prob in reading a word document ,i want to read document from a folder and display it into a textbox or any not able to do that ,but i opened in a new webform ,but i want to open that in a control as i want to display details of a jobseeker,my project is a job portal ,try to help me sir wen u r free..tanq



  65. swamy143 says:

    In ASP.NET AJAX slides,there is no slides about SCRIPT MANAGER,PAGE REQEST MANAGER,UPDATE PROGRESS CONTROL.Please join that slides also in ASP.NET AJAX slides.
    Thank you sir.


  66. kumar says:

    hello sir
    i am u r old student.
    u r way teaching is excellent.

    thanks & regards


  67. dharma says:

    am ur student,presently working in virtumobile techno,sir wen i was practising ajax timer control,am not able to get timer tick event in the output which is in ,,
    In the update panel the label has to update auto after 10 seconds,but its not coming,i tried a lot,but am not able to get,ha its a small thing but my frnds also dont know abt ajax,so plz try 2 help me sir,
    thanking u


  68. Vishnuvardhan says:

    Dear Sir..,

    This blog is very useful for Uf for Carrer development..
    If possible plz place company details.., which offer the .net as our arrier..

    thanking you sir


  69. Sampath says:

    hello sir ,

    can u give me the faq in AJAX sir


  70. Ranjan Tiwari says:

    Hello sir,

    Thank u vary much for giving me best guidance for .net.i fully enjoying your class…i like your teaching i’m in 8.00am to 10.30am batch of your .net batch..

    Thank very much
    Your student


  71. Abhishek says:

    I came to know thru my sister who works for Satyam dat there is no boom for .net rite now.She said that they only have internal prjcts in their company…Is that so?…coz i am a worried man ever since i heard this…I request you to kindly rply me sir…


  72. Ravi says:

    Respected Sir,
    Sir what u have provided above is nice .

    Please provide us infermation about AJAX in .pdf or in any this makes us the infermation carry to our PC’s .


  73. Ravi says:

    Respected sir,
    Sir what u have provided above is very nice

    We want infermation about AJAX, like .pdf or any formats which is useful for stand alone system


  74. gireesh says:

    it is very helpful for me.


  75. venu says:

    Hello Sir,
    Iam very much please by your teaching, and please sir give me some info regarding dotnet requirements too so that the freshers like me can gain some info…….


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