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Complete C#.NET @ 9:00a from Feb 4th
ASP.NET @ 11:00a from Feb 4th
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Just go through the Course Content and Decide

Remember the best way to learn….

Is to read & write lots of code & find passionate people/faculty to learn and grow with

cs aspnet batches

Csharp phalmplet



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  1. Md Ghouse says:

    Sir r8 now im working in Eon soft solution in hyd…as a TL & Recruiter….. only with ur notes & wat type of project u assigned me in my academic year i really feel proude to say im a student of Nagaraju & im a DotNet Devoloper Thank u sir


  2. Uddhao Pachrne says:

    Hello sir,
    I have attended your and Mvc batch in 2014 and this was awesome experiance for me. You prepare students for what industry demanded and even one step ahead. I really thank to you for your valuable time and suggestions.

    Thank you
    Uddhao Pachrne


    1. Nagaraju says:

      Thanks Uddhao


  3. Piyush Kumar says:

    Its really very fortunate for all .NET students that NagaRaju sir is going to take a C# batch after a long span of SEVERAL years. Its even more delightful to see the INDISPENSIBLE syllabus crafted by you to meet the industry demands. None of the institutes in entire Hyderabad can match it. Thank you so much for preparing such syllabus. Also, a lot of thanks to Durga Sir, who has given you a FREE HAND to choose appropiate topics in the syllabus. Now, you are no more under the clutches of Naresh Management. Actually, regarding your new C# batch a mail was received on last Friday but the syllabus was not displayed in the site of Durga Soft and from Tuesday onwards the syllabus got diplayed.
    Sir, your every student knows that your way of teaching is HIGHLY PRACTICAL. This is what makes you a distinct and distinguished faculty in entire Hyderabad. When you are a distinct person in this field, your syllabus, fee and course duration everything should be distinct. Compromising with syllabus, fee and course duration has spoiled the entire Ameerpet institutions (especially .NET). A person who is reluctant to pay high charges to a DESERVING FACULTY like you, readily pays 10000 to 20000 to consultancy services to get fake experience and somehow gets a job. Sooner or later he is caught and is removed. The fee structure of SAP and other technologies are considerable but when it comes to .NET, the fee structure is very less. This discourages meritorious faculties and alread many of them left Ameerpet market. Also, due to less fee, many students don’t take the course very seriously.
    As you have re-designed and refined your syllabus, please DOUBLE your fee and course duration. You can even start a separate JOB GUARANTEED batch at least once in a year. Increasing the fee may seem very odd but you can assure the students about 100% QUALITY KNOWLEDGE and PLACEMENT that no body really provides in Ameerpet. Even the student himself will realize his knowledge with full confidence. Doubling the fee and course duration will QUADRUPLE the success stories. Please initiate that “success series”. Students can go to any extent of payment when success is guaranteed. Already, Santhosh Technologies in Ameerpet charges DOUBLE/TRIPLE for Java Real Time training and trains them thoroughly with sufficient duration. There is really no faculty in Ameerpet who can compete with you in providing .NET real time training. As you are the LEADING ROLE in .NET training in Hyderabad, never compromise with fee or course duration.
    Lastly, something regarding your new C# syllabus. You have added many new topics, special thanks for including “Files & Streams”, “LINQ” and especially “Entity Framework”, which no body teaches in Ameerpet (You are using Entity Framework in your class room demos from the last 4 years and it is so pitiful, even today nobody else in Ameerpet is using it in their class room demos).
    Please include the long awaited Reflections and Attributes topic which is of supreme importance in all types of .NET application development and is present from .NET 2.0 onwards but not taught by anybody. Multithreading is also missing in the syllabus. Actually, TPL is its latest flavour, but at least multithreading should be taught, if not TPL.

    Thanking you

    Your’s faithfully,
    Piyush Kumar


    1. Nagaraju says:

      Hi Piyush, Really awesome message(comment)- your words are really facts. Coming to Reflections, Attributes , TPL – I have plan to tell this in course but not included as I am preparing lot of things everyday but I want to really heart fully thank you for suggesting. – A learner like you is really — no words with me Simply Thanks for your comment – I will add the same in my course content.


  4. Sunny Malvi says:

    Sir is there any option to attained online classes of MVC


  5. Sri Harsha says:

    I Suggest every fresher who is thinking or choosing career in Microsoft Technologies(.Net) to learn the subject from you Sir. I am very impressed the way you teach and learned many things in subject after attending your classes.


  6. Parvez says:

    I am very much impressed by your teaching and I would like to join next month and also mvc if there is any batch coming up next month.
    I attended your batch last year in nareshit but I had leave after few classes because I could not adjust my timings as I had to travel 1 hour for coming to class. By the time class was over I used to get late for my job coaching. In nareshit there is no importance to proper timings. I hope in durgasoft the tradition is different. I would request you to strictly maintain the timings so that students like me can benefit and correctly plan their courses and work. You will also have special status as faculty who gives value to time. I hope you will consider my request. Thankyou sir


    1. Nagaraju says:

      Thanks for your suggestion & definitely I’ll try to do that. Thanks Nagaraju B


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