MVC 4 Batch

New ASP.NET MVC 4 batch is starting on 24-Jun-2013

Timings : 7:00am

Schedule : mvc schedule

Downloads(ppts,demos) : MVC Day1  MVC Day2


for more information visit




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  1. saranya says:

    Hi sir ,
    Your teaching is so nice sir , so many people are waiting for new MVC4.0 batch again when the MVC batch will be started please tell me sir ………….


  2. B. Sri Ram sai says:

    Dear Sir,

    I just want to know when the present MVC batch will complete. So that I will plan for another courses accordingly.

    Thanks & Regards,
    B. Sri Ram Sai


  3. Hi,Sir i am old student
    Present i am in Bangalore,
    Please give me one simple example perform all curd operations using ASP.NET MVC,
    Insert images also help me sir


  4. uday says:

    screen shots of all the examples


  5. Amit says:

    Hello Sir,
    I am a student of your 7AM MVC batch.
    I have a doubt.

    When i create a empty MVC 4 project in VS2012, I got 2 web.config files. One in the root folder and another one in the Views folder. When I compare them I found that some values are same.
    I am totally confused what is the use of 2 config files.
    If I understood correctly, then the config file in the view folder will override the values of the config file present in the root folder.

    Plz clarify..


  6. Augusteen says:

    Good Morning Sir. I what to the Difference between URL-Rewriting and MVC Routing.
    And When the Routing Class wil b Held in our Class Sir


  7. Amol P says:

    hi sir, why the docs related to Entity FW, Routing other topics not availble for download….Please upload it


  8. Hari says:

    Hello Sir, Hope you are doing good..Sir have been waiting for your regular WWF batch or any weekend classes on it. Please keep us updated in the blog if any… Thanks..:)


  9. Manas says:

    Hi sir ,kindly upload class demo files of previous mvc batch . With some slides which one we not copied u told u will upload.Kindly do it sir I need.Other wise plz send to


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