WCF 4.0/4.5

Starting on 12-Dec-2012 7:30pm.

Download Schedule with this link NiT-WCF Schedule 2011 (updated schedule to be loaded)

Please Contact Nit Office for further details : http://www.NareshIt.com

Slides :

Demos :




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  1. MurthyVVN says:

    hi sir.. I am your previous WCF batch student and seeking your help on below requirement.

    i need your help on 2 way ssl on wcf service. I have developed 2 way SSL service and successfully hosted on my dev server. i could able to get the wsdl by authenticating with client certificate in browser. but while trying to cosume the service by adding reference in client application I could not able to add the reference. it is prompting for client certificate & after providing the cert it is showing the wsdl in left dialog box but add reference button got disabled. i had googled and refered many sites but no luck sofar. I request you to please help me in this regard. if you ask me to meet you in person, I will.

    thanks in advance.


    1. Nagaraju says:

      need your sample to understand and resolve the issue – possible send it to nbende@gmail.com



  2. Ramesh says:

    Hello Sir:I am a Student of your current WCF batch.I m done with Windows service, And when i am trying to start the service from services Its saying “The JobService service on Local Computer started and then stopped…”.U said a solution for this in our class but m so sorry that I forgot please help me this.Please v me trblshoots for this error.


  3. Krushnendu says:

    I am a Student of last WCF batch. Cloud session is not conducted with our batch. management told that it is informed via sms. But from last 2 week they did’nt informed. So When is Our Cloud Session.


  4. Augusteen says:

    I have created DataSet object wth some data which is unaware of bend, Using update() of Adapter i want to update ename whos empid=101, But some 1 have deleted 101 rec in BackEnd. How can v Solve this prob


    1. Nagaraju says:

      Refer our material you will get the answer


  5. Augusteen says:

    Gud evng Sir, Im little gud at ORM. I created FEnd Objs,Using this im dong some updations and i need to go for batch Processing. But at Database some 1 has deleted whole record. After i make batch processing wht wil b happened?


  6. bhixu raghava reddy mp says:

    Hi Thank you so much for your remainders . Let me know the batch about MVC Architecture & Design Patterns please.

    Thank you.

    On 12/12/12, Nagaraj’s .NET Information Site


  7. rajan says:

    nice session … thanks


    1. Sir Kindly plan for MetroStyle Apps like windows 8 mobile and mvc4 session with razor


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