AJAX/Silverlight Downloads

Aug 2009 batch AJAX Downloads




4 Comments Add yours

  1. mani says:

    i am one of the old student,
    i am using vs 2008 i want silver light software for vs 2008
    pls sent to link to my mail


  2. Anil says:


    Please post the presentations of authentications.


  3. ABINESH says:

    Thank U sir for give this material.


  4. vijay says:

    thank u so much sir ,,i like ur way of teaching ,it’s my pleasure to learn the subject frm u ,,and also what u teach in c# also nobody go to that depth also… step by step

    thanks for uplaod these demo ..and
    .flickr demo is very gud one that’s i was missing…

    now i know all these but can u upload a demo with artical
    2d or 3d silverlight demo with ajax ,it will be great one sir ,i need this in my cap project in college and also students want who have done these demo ,,,they want only one or two examples that how to work with 2d and 3d silverlight ….

    i will be thankful to u ….if u will upload as u will get free time i think it will help many sutdent …


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