New in ADO.NET 2.0


Every interview is focused on new features of ADO.NET. ADO.NET new features are its LINQ and EFW but this list is what’s new in ADO.NET 2.0. Keep looking for ADO.NET 3.5 also. Are u aware of all these, Kindly check, microsoft tech-ed slides should help you.





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  1. nagaraju says:

    you are teaching very well sir ,
    till now i have not seen the faculty like you.
    faculties in the institute do their work and they will go
    but you are very different to them sir,
    the people who are not interested in the subject , you will make them to learn .
    and in the middle of class also, you use to tell good things sir about the current situation sir, and you use to go very depth in the subject to teach us very clearly sir,


  2. RANJITH says:

    sir u have been so good as for c#.


  3. ram says:

    ADO.NET has all these. In your evening c# batch ADO.NET is really excellent. Sir you are not doing justice by not taking more c# classes. people don’t know before they come to you about your content.
    bye sir


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