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  1. deep gautam says:

    sir this is deep gautam i was ur student
    in 2007 nov batch.
    my experiance was so good to take ur lecture.
    ur one of the leading .net teacher in india.
    i searched all over india but cant find teacher like you.
    by your teaching help i got a good job in HCL infosystem NOIDA. so thnks for giving me knowledge.
    plz tell me about certification?
    how much fee ?
    and how many papersa re there?
    i am working in using C# so which certification is good for mr .
    plz help me.


  2. vamsikrishna says:

    hi sir,
    iam vamsi.present iam your student,sir i want to write Certification exam so i need material.One of my friend told me that dumps also available,so that iam asking, can you please provide the information regarding that.

    Thanks in advance..


  3. srinivas says:

    good evening sir,
    I am attended ur .net class and also i was completed .net course now i am prepare mcts. pls tell me the practice example exam site
    please sir


  4. srinivas says:


    i am working in usa at present. i am your old student in 2007.i need a small help sir. actually we are developing an application in, which requires notepad( prefereably ajax-enabled)so that people can enter some information in the notepad ,during their sessions.

    can you please give me any idea how to create the ajax-enabled notepad



  5. sampath says:

    good evening sir, I am sampath your student.

    sir,You are giving real time examples that makes me conceptually clear and I can face interviews confidenltly
    by your suggestions and class room examples and giving latest updates in .net environment is excellent sir
    These words, I want to tell you, but I can’t tell you in front of u sir

    Thanks you sir………


  6. arun says:

    goodmorng sir!
    i am very happy about ur spoon feading of .net classes
    the way of ur enterg into topic is too good
    why its came?
    whats its use? and the questions ur asking regarding “i dont want this ” this question clearing many doughts.
    clearg doughts of old students,caring for their career,suggetions for jobs…ur interaction with us ….all these things made us very happy thats why some students even they tied rakhee.
    write now i am pursuing my mca(passout2009)its mandatory of attend my classes even though missg ur classes the thought only makes me suffer thats why still iam waitg here only for classes of c#.
    i went to many institutes but i never saw teaching like urs, two of my frnds attendg new batch 6pm they said that they went to genisis… institutes
    but we dont compare anything any way we r very much than for ur classs …


  7. Nagaraju says:

    Certification adds a degree for our qualification and helps us to consider in interviews and many more advantages. If you are fresher it is advised to go for MCTS and experienced then MCPD. Search for these courses in the above hyperlinks and still u have any doubt meet me in personnel.



  8. raam says:

    dis is raam.iam u r student.i want 2 know abt CERTIFICATION in .NET. I already seen ur blog but i couldn’t get it clearly.I dont know even little bit abt certification.but i know .NET well.consider me as a starter and give suggestions…

    Thank you sir…


  9. mahesh says:

    thank you sir


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