Today i have completed a short duration & fast track course of ASP.NET AJAX. Really interesting to see students waiting till 10:30pm almost. My Next ASP.NET AJAX would be a 15 days course. We ended with an example that uses virtualearth in AJAX app and uses webservices……….I had nice time these 5 days with AJAX. Thanks to all my students who attended and made it a success.

My articles,Code and slides would be posted after a week becoz i am going for a business meet and also to shiridi.




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  1. ansar says:

    hello sir,you have not updated your blog from last 3 months please update your blog with new concepts and challenging examples. thanks for you for changing my life into dotnet i am now working on .net in desktop applications and i really enjoy my work.


  2. Manoj Acharya says:

    Good Morning Sir,
    I am ur student of batch before one and half year batch. I am from pune maharashtra. Really it is very unfortunate to me that i am unable to learn WCF and Silverlight like concepts from you.
    But will try to get them from your online demo’s.
    Thank you very much for your this efforts to keep us update.


  3. Vikas says:



    When will you start AJAX/Silverlight new batch….

    I was attending your one AJAX class in your regular batch
    It was really Fantastic……
    I want more classes of AJAX and wating for your new batch of Ajax…..


  4. sreenivasa reddy says:

    In our class room, I found shortcut key for .net,
    i want 2.0 shotcuts,please upload the keys


  5. kotesh says:

    sir y dont u take some extra time and complete 6.30pm asp.net class plz sir dont take it wrongly thanks for u r guidence every where through out our cource


  6. Ranjan says:

    I’m very happy this time becoz today you should take any class due to some problem in your eyes but although you took my class in the morning..really sir ur best effort and honesly taeching is giving me full support and confident to achieve my goal….thank u….


  7. Good Morning Sir,

    I have never seen such type of teaching in my life,
    Ur way of teaching and ur patients r amazing.
    Iam eagerly wating for ur SILVER LIGHT.

    Your’s AJAX Student.


  8. vivek says:

    sir, it was really nice to be a part of learning environment u provided. we are expecting much more from u after the completion of AJAX particularly as we can feel we r now apart from others with MS technologies knowledge.
    so, we r waiting for new batch to start on ajax and silverlight so that we can expose ourselves more in this direction…
    thanx for grooming us and giving us a confidence we expected.


  9. sunil says:

    sir,we really enjoyed your class very much. its really enterprising to know all the latest topics from yourself.its a pleasure to have such a nice class environment.



  10. Abhishek says:

    Gud Evening sir…

    I have never seen such a caring and patient teacher like u… U r amazing …Ur Ajax was ultimate…especially the last session of Ajax…the virtualmaps was mind blowing…M eagerly wating for ur SILVER LIGHT…Have a safe journry to shirdi….


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