Here is some overview about COM/DOTNET ……. have a look and dont forget to comment on it.  after your excellent response on COM/DOTNET topic here are the slides



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  1. subhash says:

    Hello sir
    Please notes ,C#, notes


  2. Hello sir, I am working on GIS project using microsoft technology.I had completed .net training course from your Institute.I am looking for open source control/COM for .net to retrive GIS maps like TIF|DXF|.shp|JPG|PNG files.Please send me the link.
    Thank you


  3. siri says:

    Respected sir
    ur teaching is excellent. i am your student of fresh 7.30 P.M. batch. The slides are very useful.
    i have one doubt. i completed my Master of Information Technology from Manipal University (Corresponence) with distinction. I have experience as VB and C++ programmer. Is it useful for me to learn .Net and can I get a good job. As u told u are sr consultant to MNCs i am asking u this question.

    Thanking you


  4. kranthi says:

    First of all I thank you for your interest in creating a common paltform where we can share the .net based knowledge.
    The thought was really admirble.
    But the slides are not really self-explanatory and it might have not been a .pdf. Instead if it is ppt it might have been even more useful as we can edit the matter in the slides whenever we get new matter regarding the topics discussed.
    The slides are good for classroom discussion but are not really explanatory and for a guy like me from mechanical background it is a hard nut to crash. So please do provide some basic stuff reg the topic .

    once again THank you very much fro the pains you are taking in helping the students. I am Kranthi of ASP morning batch


  5. indu says:

    Hello Sir,

    I have come across so many faculties in my life till now But YOU are the BEST faculty i have ever seen.
    Sir, YOU are the BEST and students can FORGET the rest.


  6. Om Prakash says:

    Thank you a lot for com information. Information distribution over net is really useful.
    I would like to say one thing that almost everybody are using running notes so, please dont give extra time for notes session until unless it is most important.
    Ur explanation with examples are superb.
    You are neither fast nor slow but most of the time is wasted by alloting time for notes.


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