Remoting Interview Questions

Hi all,

Here are some important remoting interview questions. try to answer without seeing the key. Anyhow i have attached key at the end. Thanks

Remoting Interview Questions


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  1. svmbabu says:

    sir ,

    i am ur old student.working s/w company for last can i store images on databases.this is my email hope for ur replay.

    thank you.


  2. suresh says:

    hai sir,

    This is suresh one of your student last two months back evening 7.30 are great sir,because your service superb.sir small request i want ajax classes


  3. Sharmila says:

    When will the next batch of c# .net class start…


  4. sujatha says:

    when class will be started


  5. syed says:

    hi sir ,iam u r present student of
    plz sir give an example(program) of relational-hierarchial and vice versa in the class room.we r not getting in the lab.


  6. priyadarshinee says:

    Respected sir

    I am priyadarshinee a student of nit institute. Sir I am not able to understand abstract class and sealed class
    concept . If u put these concept with some simple example in your blog i will be grateful to you. I can try to clear my doubts by reading your slides…….. sir please help me
    Thanking you Sir…….


  7. arisamkalyan says:

    hi sir, this kalyan your student in naresh tech..
    sir, i have got an oppurtunity as a faculty in .net and i want to know what are the key topics that an interviewer can touch at time of interview. please give me the guidence to success in the interview.


  8. naveenkumar says:


    have never seen such a caring and patient teacher like u… U r amazing …Ur Ajax was ultimate…especially the last session of Ajax…the virtualmaps was mind blowing…M eagerly wating for ur SILVER LIGHT…Have a safe journry to shirdi….

    Comment by Naveen Kumar.R
    we really enjoyed your class very much. its really enterprising to know all the latest topics from yourself.
    it was really nice to be a part of learning environment u provided in ( and
    so, we r waiting for new batch to start on ajax and silverlight so that we can expose ourselves more in this direction…thanx for giving us a confidence we expected.This is site is really superb.
    ur teaching is really very GOOD.
    thanking you sir..


  9. rajavrr says:

    dear sir,
    i am raja lakshmi reddy, i belong to c# old student batch, and i had delegate class on sunday. I felt all we understood well. Before that i heard somewhere about delegates but i was never understood before your class. But still happy. Once i heard delegate topic from you, i felt very happy because i understood well. thank you very much and keep on going, all the best


  10. Kedharnadh says:

    hello sir iam kedarnadh u r explanation is so good even ground level means unknown student also lern quickly and acurately thanks for that please Cocentrate on low level Students
    thanking u sir…………


  11. Nanda says:

    This is site is really super. You preserved so many things for freshers and aswell as experienced people.
    Your Explanation in calss and also for this excellent support through this site, really appreciable.

    Pls preserve MORE,MORE,MORE&MORE……………. for your students related to .net
    *************************THANK YOU SIR*********************


  12. harish.M says:

    hello sir,


  13. Dilip says:

    Hi sir
    Im vry much thank ful u sir for providing like this
    site for me sir.ur given information about .net is excelent sir.


  14. siva kumar says:

    hai sir,
    This is your student completed .net course from you.
    Even though i am from an non IT back ground your way of teaching made me to get wellversed in the subject.
    Currently i am working for an MNC in hyd with .net platform.
    and now this site is superb which help us a lot..
    if chance please provide more information in the site regarding remoting concepts and biz talk server.

    All the best sir for developing a good site.


  15. dharma says:

    hello sir ,
    Am dharma ur student at naresh techno..this site z awesom ..ur teaching z excellent sir..its good for freshers ..
    sir plz try to keep material regarding mobile appl ..som hints regarding sevices written for bulk sms which uses smpp protocol…


  16. kiran says:

    Hai sir,
    I am kiran,your student at Naresh Technologies.I love your way of making student to learn .NET with interest by asking questions while teaching.This site is giving me the best meterial.
    Your student.


  17. Radhika says:

    Hello Sir,

    I am Radhika your student at Naresh Technology. Your Explanation in calss and also for this excellent support through this site, really appreciable.

    Pls preserve lot, lot, lot……………. for your students related to .net.

    Good Luck for your Excelent Support.


  18. madhu says:

    Hello Sir,

    This site is very useful for fresher learners.I hope u will bring more material downloads for the students.


  19. Kiran Kumar Boda says:

    Hai sir,
    Iam Kiran your student at Naresh Technology. This is site is really superb. You preserved so many things for freshers and aswell as experienced people.
    I foud so much information on this site regarding .NET
    Good Service
    All the Best


  20. Md. Iqbal says:

    Hello, Thanks for the Dot net slides. They are of great help to me in understanding and revising the lectures.
    I have completed my MCA in Feb 2007 and done Oracle 9i and currently pursuing from Naresh technologies.
    I have my domain with 50mb Linux hosting space.
    I am interested to know the best utilities or third party tools to host ASPX pages on Linux hosting.


    Your student.


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