ASP.NET Architecture


Here are the architecture slides that guide you how the process goes @ server and some more finar points.



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  1. Divya says:

    first of all i would like to say thank u because i had to learn most of the topics in from u.

    i want simple project( full details with documentation ) please will u send my mail id.because i got the job ,but there is no provide the training in our company.thats why iam asking like that sir.


  2. AMAR BABU says:

    I have a problem in validation controllers. That is displaying 4 images for each text box. Considering textbox1 (this for input the email address) having 2 validation controllers 1 is Required Field Valuator second is for Required Expression Valuator (Email validation)
    Image1 for help user (Please Enter the Email address)
    Image 2 for Required Field Valuator (Email address is blank)
    Image 3 for Required Expression Valuator (Please Enter valid Email Address)
    Image 4 for ok (This Email is valid please check the other)

    Condition is only display one image
    I am getting Image 2, 3 correctly, but these with Image 1 and 4. I am not getting only one image at a time. Can you please help me to sort it out?


  3. priyadarshinee says:

    Its nice sir


  4. webchilly says:

    I am using VS 2008.( Downloaded it from microsoft website)
    Will it expire with in some months?(As it is beta version or i can use it forever..).


  5. vivek kumar says:

    please upload XML webservices architecture’s slides.we are waiting for that on ur blog…


  6. indira says:

    first of all i would like thank u, the way u used to deliver knowledge to ur students. ur realtime examples r just awesome. i’m glad to get an opportunity to learn under a perfect trainer. But sir i have a query about my carrier, if u can guide me than i ll be thankfull. i ll wait 4 ur reply.


  7. vijay says:

    hello sir,
    Thanks that this site will be so much useful n am learn so many topics threw this site.thanks onemore to provide this facility


  8. suresh kumar says:


    ur teaching is very well.there is no doubt at all.i am
    so happy i learned dotnet at u.the guidance which u r giving to
    students is very nice sir.
    thank you


  9. K.venkata sesha giri says:

    hello Sir,
    im very lucky person to be under the right guidence in learning a lot from ur site as well from ur classes im downloading all ur materials and there r very much helpfull to me.
    thank you sir.
    Sesha Giri.


  10. this site is very excelent


  11. shravan says:

    hai sir,contents in this site are excellent.


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